From additions to your current home to the new home you’re having built, we’re experts in designing and installing entire electrical systems for your house.


We can take care of any job you have, whether it’s long–term maintenance of your office building, replacing old wiring with a new system, or making sure task–critical electrical equipment is running.

New Construction

We have lots of experience biding on new construction jobs, our rates are extremely competitive. If you are building a new home from the ground up or rebuilding an existing home, we can help you with your electrical needs every step of the way! From setting up temporary power all the way to your final inspection.


If you’re experiencing any problem in your home with your electrical system, don’t just trust anyone to come and “fix the problem”. An electrical issue is very serious and can lead to bigger problems down the road. Please give us a call most of the time we can figure out the problem and fix it within a few hours.


If you’re remodeling your house, or you’re a contractor and are looking for an electrician to install new lights, run new circuits, or anything else you can think of give us a call we can do it all.